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Review//The Theory Of Everything by Kari Luna

The Theory of Everything - Kari Luna

Ten-Second Review: The cuteness of pandas + adorable characters +geekiness =The Theory of Everything


More-Than-Ten-Second Review:


When the cuteness of pandas, adorable characters, and geekiness is mixed together, a book is created. That has always been my theory, and The Theory of Everything has just proven that theory this year. (Beat that, Einstein.) This theory is obviously completely true… Okay, it isn’t.


But, really, The Theory of Everything was extremely adorable and very whimsical. I couldn’t even read a few pages without getting a huge smile on my face. You could say that The Theory of Everything was like a huge bag of jellybeans and I was like the person with a huge sweet tooth devouring them all.


Sophie Sophia, a girl with a big love for music from the late eighties, was a fun character. Her wacky and weird episodes were incredibly fun to read about, not to mention that her just going with them most of the time made it even more fun. Whether Sophie is hanging out with a panda marching band or surviving a book storm, it’s always quirky and fun.

Another thing that I liked about Sophie was that she was good at keeping control of a situation. Even after stage-diving onto a cafeteria table during an episode doesn’t stop the girl. I really felt for her and the feelings she had about her absent father, whose mix of spontaneity and genius was what drove the family apart.


Finny, Sophia’s best friend, was my favorite character in the book. He was absolutely adorkable and his colorful personality immediately won me over. His obsession with physics was super endearing and I have got to say that he is a fantastic friend. He was the one who became Sophie’s friend when she didn’t have one and accepted her for who she was.


There was one teensy thing about Finny’s character that bothered me, though. While I read more of the book, I started to notice that Finny shared some of the same traits as the stereotypical gay person. I don’t think that Kari Luna dehumanized Finny in any way (in fact, I adored the guy), but I’m just bothered because I know some people might feel a offended.


Oh, and the geekiness of The Theory of Everything only made me love the book even more. String theory, M-theory, theoretical physics. Yup, this book talks about them. A lot. And because I have always been intrigued by string theory, I found that pretty nifty. Luna does add a little bit of her own flare to theoretical physics, of course.


The Theory of Everything was a nice and fun contemporary that I enjoyed reading. It has a shaman panda in it, for Pete’s sake! I can’t not enjoy a book with a shaman panda! Who doesn’t fancy the idea of having a shaman panda to help you along your path? Crazy people, that’s who.

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