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Review// The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

Ten-Second Review: Predictable,a little bit ridiculous, and had an annoying insta-love romance, but oh so addictive and intense.


More-Than-Ten-Second Review:


The hype that The 5th Wave has received was so strong that it even reached me, a person who wasn’t even subscribed to any of the newsletters that bookstores send out. Since I am me, I excitedly purchased the hyped up book and began reading it right when I got home. And wow. Just wow.


I am absolutely amazed at how addictive and intense The 5th Wave managed to be. Yeah, it could be predictable and even a little ridiculous, but Rick Yancey really knows how to pull you in and keep you turning the pages!


Aliens are slowly killing off humanity, making more lives go out as they set off wave after wave. Only the strong are surviving and the rule of ‘trust no one’ is now the only rule in the torn up world that used to be where humans thrived. It is in this torn up world where the stories of Cassie, Zombie, and Sammy are told.


Yancey’s story is full of moments that will make your heart pound and have your fingers tightening around the book in excitement. The 5th Wave‘s plot is really intense and keeps you excited. And, surprisingly, this alien invasion story was thought-provoking and did make me think about what would happen and how we would react if humans did take over the world.


The alien invasion, which is what The 5th Wave is all about, was very interesting and even a little scary, and I loved learning more about how it happened and its affects on humanity. However, I do admit that the way that the aliens took over the world was shakily written. The aliens’ big plan that was revealed toward the end didn’t make much sense.


Another ridiculous thing was the romance. It was totally unneeded, weird, and was built on nothing but insta-love. I don’t mind a bit of romance but when it isn’t needed and is practically shoved in, I’m not exactly happy about it.


Now let’s get back to the good :) The characters were absolutely great. Cassie was just as kick butt as I expected her to be and I really admired her bravery and strong will. And her voice is filled with incredible snark that I liked quite a bit. Zombie was a character that I quickly warmed up to and I loved reading the chapters in his POV. Sammy was just adorable.


The side characters, like Ringer and Evan, also had me interested in their characters. I would even say that if the second book was just about them, I would pick it up in a heartbeat. Yancey did a great job with his prose, especially when an action scene came around.


The 5th Wave is the perfect novel if you are looking for excitement and will definitely appeal to fans of alien stories. You will have to make sure you can stand some ridiculousness, though, or else your enjoyment may be damaged.

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